About Us

By the Executive Director

QoiMedia was started as a Printing Agency in the mid-90s. It was basically a one-man operation where i was doing DTP for various companies in the printing industry. This was the period when DTP was still very new and a lot of printing Companies would rather outsource the DTP part of their business to private agencies. I personally worked at Company that was handling printing for Deloitte & Touche, Bayers, Bearings International, CADAC, etc.

With improvements and advancements in Printing apps, more and more printing Companies were beginning to embrase these apps and now doing their own DTP. IT was time for me to also move on. It was clear even at that time that the web was going to be a huge and powerful component of successful enterprses – big and small – in future, so I had to align QOiMedia with that eventuality so that it could have a stake in that. So I invested seriously in acquiring programming skills. At that time I had already had some few years stint with the C programming language and Java was a new kid on the block back then. it was very clear that Java was a language of the future. This assumption was based on in-depth research that I made to give myself some idea of how the future of ICT will look like. This investment in acquiring coding skills are paying off handsomely now as i had predicted.

We have been able to acquire the following technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, Vue, Laravel, WordPress, Magento, PHP, Python, Tailwind, Bootstrap, and a whole lot of other web development technologies on top of the printing / graphic design programs such as Iilustrator , Photoshop, etc. This has given us a competitive advantage and as a result w eare able to handle challenging design issues with ease and confidence.

Lester Mathole, Managing Director – QoiMedia

About 10 years ago I had an opportunity to work with a number of vaious types of Cooperatives from various industries – from Agricultural to Construction. The valuable skills and knowledge gained from that experiesnce is being applied here in the form of templates for all different types of businesses and industries. We use a combination of any of the above technologies to design solutions that are perfect for any type of business in any industry.